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The Business Growth Model


Designed by Anthony Flynn, Founder of Amazing CEO , Executive Coach, and Business Consultant to CEOs and Key Executives, TBGM is a powerful Execution Management System. With thousands of hours of experience coaching and consulting Founders and CEOs, Anthony Flynn has developed this framework to help CEOs, Key Executives, and Business Leaders achieve optimal growth, scale, and net profit for their companies.


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Let's explore the eight pillars:


TBGM begins by establishing a strong sense of purpose. Define your mission, vision, core values, and the impact you want to create in your industry and community.


People are the backbone of any successful organization. To build a high-performing team, focus on hiring, placement, alignment, leadership development, competency, and minimizing attrition.


Tangible products, goods, and services offered to the marketplace form the core of your business. Continuously refine and innovate your offerings to meet customer needs and stay competitive.


Strategic and annual plans, corporate success metrics, and individual performance targets are crucial for driving execution at an individual level. Enhance productivity and ensure alignment with your overall goals.


Efficiency and quality are key. Establish robust processes, including operating models, infrastructure, delivery systems, procedures, policies, and protocols, to ensure consistency and smooth operations.


A healthy bottom line is essential for sustainable growth. Monitor and optimize your balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, gross sales, net sales, gross profit, EBITDA, and net profit.

Pain Points

Identify and address the primary pain points associated with each pillar. Focus on overcoming the challenges that hinder your team's progress, based on unsatisfactory ratings in specific areas.


To foster development, implementation, and execution of TBGM, establish performance rhythms. Regular meetings provide ongoing accountability. Grade yourself and your company on the eight pillars and choose what works for you.

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