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Nick Vande Steeg was raised just outside of Long Beach, CA in extreme poverty and a household of eight. He was the eldest and only brother of five sisters and because of the conditions of his childhood, he developed a unique appetite for escaping the grip of poverty and transforming his entire family progeny.


After eventually joining the armed forces as a paratrooper, Nick eventually articulated out and attended university and became an electrical engineer. In his late 20's, he became the highest ranking leader of a John Deere business segment worth than $100 million. Success was inevitable for him! 


Nick eventually went on to work for Parker-Hannifan for 35 years and rose all the way to the highest rank as CEO. In just five years, the stock price quadrupled and became a $10 billion/60,000 employee company under his leadership.


He is known in the Fortune 500 and Private Equity worlds for his uncanny instinct to identify, diagnose and solve major problems in business. 

In fact, rarely do you find someone with such a keen awareness for spotting growth opportunities and/or deficiencies in any size business, large or small, along with having the unique capacity to drive success at an unprecedented level. His resume is one of a kind and you truly only come across people with his level of leadership once in a lifetime.  

See below for more details on Nick's professional experience:

  1. Owner, Texas Rangers MLB Team 

  2. CEO (Retired) Parker Hannifan $10 Billion Company with 60,000 Employees; Stock Shares Quadrupled in 5 Years under Nick's Leadership 

  3. Private Equity Investor and Owner - Companies have grown as much as 30X in value 

  4. Board of Directors (Retired) Wabtec - $11 Billion Merger w/ General Electric 

  5. Board of Directors (Retired) Trimble - $2.5 Billion in Revenues

  6. Board of Directors (Current) Gardner Denver - $2.4 Billion in Revenues 

  7. Board Chair (Current) Gifted Education Foundation

  8. Board Chair (Current) Los Angeles Pacific University 


Mr. Vande Steeg received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cal State - Long Beach and his M.B.A. from Pepperdine University.

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